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 Originally from Ontario, Karen was trained in web design and illustration but the disciplines left her feeling empty and dissatisfied. The search of a new life and inspiration brought Karen to the natural beauty of the West Coast. Immediately Karen felt she was “home”. After a year of soul searching on the Sunshine Coast, she decided that self employment was the life for her. She wanted to blend her creativity with her business savy. But how .....


   On a whim Karen took a silver smithing class and made her first piece she was hooked. Thereafter, she took many courses in Jewellery making, from beading, to casting, to metal smithing. Combining her creative flair, business savvy and her love of jewellery, Meiku Designs was born. In 2010. Meiku Designs made its debut with the Karma Collection. A collection that is a juxtapose of the raw wilderness of B.C and the stylish chic city of Vancouver. In only a few months MeiKu designs was being carried by stores and selling at well known local craft fairs.


   Each piece is lovingly handcrafted by Karen herself in her tiny apartment with her loving boyfriend and mischievous cats. The Karma Collection is the first of many ventures as Meiku Designs continues to grow and evolve.

:: GIVING BACK :: Northwest Wildlife Preservation Society


Every piece from Meiku Designs is somehow inspired by the incredible natural beauty of the West Coast. That is why Northwest Wildlife Preservation Society (NWPS) is an organization that Meiku Designs whole heartedly supports.


This society introduces and educate todays youth about the respecting the environment and all that live within it. Their mission to encourage preservation and respect for wildlife and wildlife spaces are met by their in class workshops, nature walks and youth Estuary Stewardship education programs. By inspiring today youths towards environmental stewardship, it will help ensure the welfare of BC wildlife and spaces for generations to come.


When you purchase a piece from Meiku Designs 1% of each sale will go towards supporting those important programs offered by Northwest Wildlife Preservation Society (NWPS).


For more information visit http://www.northwestwildlife.com/



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